Retail (CEE) Electronic confirmation of the goods delivery with qualified signatures (based on the eIDAS directive)

Development of mechanisms for electronic authentication of participants in the logistics process, including monitoring of the transport of goods. The aim of the project was to completely eliminate paper documentation and activities related to its processing, handling of complaints, returns, settlements. The whole developed on the basis of current law with the provision of evidentiary elements in case of possible vindication.

Retail sector Review of logistics processes and project management

Review of logistics processes and design of a target service model for more than 4,000 deliveries per day 365/24/7 based on digital documentation, auditable, meeting specific legal requirements. The boundary condition was accountability and a full review of the “location” of the goods transported. Preparing teams for implementation work, providing an organizational and operational structure to execute the implementation. Preparing a structure to manage suppliers and internal teams in working on several critical systems.

Retail sector Implementation of e-logistics

Implementation of a digital workflow of logistics documentation in the supply chain, including handling orders, returns, complaints, shipping notes and delivery protocols. In a proxy investor role, managing 9 suppliers and internal teams, ensuring operational continuity with 5,000 collaborators. After implementation, the solution handles more than 120,000 documents per day, shared with more than 20,000 users. After implementation, the solution handed over to the client and internally further developed. We were responsible for delivering the expected business outcome (KPI) as a result of the project work. Business, operational, process and technology KPIs were developed as part of our earlier project.

2020 (Blueprint), 2021-2022 implementation