Electronic documentation workflow

TOP 3 bank Designing and implementing the electronic document workflow

Developing a tree of electronic documentation, defining the target model of document circulation in the organization, leading the implementation of the designed solution, digitizing the corporate banking archive.

TOP 3 Bank Designing the documentation workflow for a digital mortgage

A review of solutions operating in the market, a review of processes operating in the bank, the design of new processes: documentation workflow, acquisition and processing of digital data from the customer and ensuring compliance of document workflow with applicable regulations.

2022 (vision), 2023 – implementation works
TOP 5 Bank Collecting, managing and sharing documents for business and operational processes

Development of a unified documentation structure, for the retail and corporate banking areas, and internal documentation for the implementation of a central content repository (ECM). The assumption was to allow users to share content, according to access rights, regardless of product, source, content acquisition channel/customer.

Group from the FMCG sector Development of recommendations for changes in the document workflow process for the Group

Analyzing the current state, proposing directions of change and a target model of information exchange between 3 client companies for the automation of accounting processes. Development of a roadmap of changes, priorities and implementation model. Preparation of recommendations for implementation of the change and transfer of knowledge to employees of the capital group.